The Badruka Junior College for Girls has a team of committed and dedicated faculty members? who provide each student a safe and nurturing college environment. The college ensures that its teaching methodology includes innovative pedagogy, excellent instruction, exposure to hone skills, consistent discipline, and a caring atmosphere for students to succeed.

The all-women faculty with multi-dimensional qualities and professional competencies prepare students for a range of career paths & help them to develop the skills, habits & attitudes which they can retain over a lifetime.


S.No. Name Designation
1 Mrs. T. Asha Rani Principal (English)
2 Mrs. Deeparani Awasthi JL in Hindi
3 Mrs. T.V. Lakshmi JL in Economics
4 Mrs. Sarada Sri JL in Political Science (Civics)
5 Mrs. P.B. Rama Lakshmi JL in Economics
6 Mrs. R. Jyothi Lakshmi JL in English
7 Mrs. T. Himabindu JL in Commerce
8 Mrs. B. Usha Rani JL in Mathematics
9 Mrs. Chandrakala JL in Commerce
10 Mrs. R. Geetha JL in Mathematics


11 Mr. B. Premchandra Office Superintendent ? 1
12 Mr. Ch. Murali Krishna Office Superintendent ? 2
13 Mr. Milind Megde Sr. Assistant
14 Mrs. P. Surya Kumari Jr. Assistant
15 Mrs. N. Anitha Librarian
16 Mr. R. Santosh Kumar Office Attender