Governing Body

The Badruka College Post Graduate Centre is managed by a governing body which comprises members of the Badruka family as well as eminent professionals and academicians who have left an indelible mark on their trade. The Governing body comprises of:


  • Sri. Hari Kishan Malani, Chairman
  • Sri. Mukundlal Badruka, Hon. Secretary & Correspondent
  • Sri. Srikishan Badruka, Joint Secretary & Correspondent
  • Sri. Ravi Badruka
  • Sri. Rajendra Badruka
  • Joint Director, Collegiate Education
  • Director, Technical Education
  • Prof. V. Gangadhar, Director General
  • Dr. C. Madhusudan Reddy, Academician
  • Dr. Pannalal, Academician
  • Prof G. S. Rao, Director, SGGBES
  • Lt. Col. Dr. R. M. Naidu, Director, BCPGC
  • Dr. B. Kailash Singh, Staff Representative
  • Dr. K. Someshwar Rao, Principal & Member Secretary