Badruka College Of Commerce and Arts (1064)


Badruka College of Commerce and Arts works towards the goal of continuous improvement, discovery and sharing of knowledge with young men and women by providing them broad based quality higher education.

The institution strives to transform them into enlightened, spiritually inspired, emotionally, balanced, self reliant, morally upright and socially committed citizens of the country.


  • To foster an intellectual and cultural environment, in which the spirit and skill of the creative individuals will thrive.
  • To cater to the educational and business needs of the national and international community.
  • To contribute to the growth of India international business by imparting requisite knowledge to the prospective individuals of the international business industry.
  • To assist the business organizations involved in Production/Exports/Imports/Foreign trade through specific studies and consultancy services.
  • To turnout knowledge-endowed managers who would be competent to contribute to the growth in volume and profitability of the business.
  • To help the smooth transformation of business from national to global levels.
  • The vision and mission statement of the institution are made known to the stakeholders through published documents.