The Bankatlal Badruka College for Information Technology has a distinguished faculty to support the student community in their academic endeavours. The faculty academic and career guidance and provide challenging learning opportunities for all learners.

Sl. No Name Department Designation
1. Dr. D V N S Murthy Statistics Director
2. Mrs. Anupama Pandey Maths Associate Prof.
3. Mrs. Krishna Santhi Computer Science Associate Prof.
4. Mrs. Krishna Veni Computer Science Associate Prof.
5. Mrs. D.T.Madhavilatha English Associate Prof.
6. Mrs. B.Sridevi Statistics Associate Prof.
7. Mrs. S.Sunitha Computer Science Associate Prof.
8. Mrs. K.Lakshmi Statistics Assistant Prof.
9. Mr. Mohan Rao Computer Science Assistant Prof.
10. Mrs. R.Maheshwari Computer Science Assistant Prof.
11. Mr. D.Shiva Kumar Computer Science Assistant Prof.
12. Ms. B. Chandrakala Statistics Assistant Prof.
13. Mr. A.Govardhan Computer Science Assistant Prof.
14. Mrs. B.Rama Statistics Assistant Prof.
15. Mrs. M.Aruna Sanskrit Assistant Prof.
16. Mrs. Sravanthi Maths Assistant Prof.
17. Mrs. Srujana Maths Assistant Prof.
18. Mrs. Chetana Statistics Assistant Prof.
19. Mr. B.Manoj Kumar Physical Education Assistant Prof.
20. Mrs. Aparna Rao English Assistant Prof.
21. Mr. Raju Library Librarian
22. Ms. Sravani Reddy Maths Assistant Prof.
23 Ms. Parvathi Maths Assistant Prof.